"Desperately listening for your voice. I become deaf."
❧ ℰ.xtend Gakupo

Let me hear the mummers of your heart and sing them to life.

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Dancing Rhythm


some of the people on my dash i just assume are their icons bc i’ve never seen their pics so it’s like “oh look gandalf is up late bloggin again” 

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                                                    I won’t give up
                                                 I [won’t] admit defeat
                                               I’ll get back on my feet
                                                          And f i g h t

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The prince of darkness is a gentleman.
Shakespeare ‘King Lear’ (via marisavimythos)    
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         I’ll do [ anything ] for the sake of protecting you


           If I must become
EVIL, this is something I will do.

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it means you are... a liar.
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