"Desperately listening for your voice. I become deaf."
❧ ℰ.xtend Gakupo

Let me hear the mummers of your heart and sing them to life.

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Dancing Rhythm
Jacks Lament Music Box Version
&& The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Jacks Lament Music Box Version- The Nightmare Before Christmas

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this makes me want to die




this makes me want to die

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some quick full-body refs for the Pirate!Free! postcards I did Q uQ;; I hope this helps the cosplayers who wanted to give it a go, ty for all the notes on my postcards, you guys are awesome! :”D <3 I’msobadatfullbodyrefs  Free boys will be the death of me QxQ;;

[Edit] Rest of the Free bbys here! orzz

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A drop of cat..


A drop of cat..

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----- Physical M!As -----
Time Warp: Muse is suddenly a specified age.
Equipment Change: Muse is suddenly a specified gender.
Pinch And Drag: Muse is suddenly a specified size.
Odd Organism: Muse is turned into a specified animal.
Odder Organism: Muse is turned into a specified monster.
Beep Boop: Muse is turned into a robot. If muse is normally a robot, they are now a living being.
Spirit Door: Muse is turned into a ghost. If muse is normally a ghost, they are now alive.
Oh Hell No: Muse is split into good and evil versions of themself.
Assimilation: Muse now has specified robotic features or components.
Flutter: Muse now has wings of a specified size.
Name It: A specified physical feature of the muse's is now very different.
----- Personality M!As -----
Abloo Bloo: Muse can't stop crying.
Snuggle Bug: Muse is now exceptionally affectionate to everyone.
ESAD: Muse suddenly despises a specified person or thing.
Red Heart: Muse is now passionately in love with a specified person.
Hero Worship: Muse idolizes a specified person and thinks everything about them is amazing.
Obsession: Muse cannot stop thinking about a specified person or thing.
Constant Boners: Muse's libido has gone wild and they can't stop thinking about sex.
Rustled Jimmies: Muse is rebellious and easily angered.
Game Over Man: Muse is now terrified of a specified thing.
----- Abilities and Afflictions -----
3D Motion: Muse can now fly.
Lights Out: Muse cannot see.
Muted Speakers: Muse cannot hear.
Muted Mic: Muse has no voice and can't make a sound.
Heavy Chest: Muse suddenly has difficulty breathing.
Now Try Rapping: Muse now thpeakth with a lithp.
S.S. Stutter: Muse now speaks with a s-severe stu-stutt-t-ter.
Nerve Pain: Muse is struck by intense, constant pain which nothing can alleviate.
Sucky Symptoms: Muse becomes miserably ill with specified symptoms.
Woop Bang Crash: Muse has lost their depth perception and balance.
Bonk Smack Thump: Muse suddenly loses all feeling in their limbs.
Twitchy Skin: Muse is extremely sensitive to touch.
Whoa Mama: Muse orgasms every time their name is said.
Sweet n Spicy: Muse feels like their mouth is on fire and only kisses make it stop.
Let Me Up: Muse is tied down and at the mercy of others.
Minor Inconvenience: Muse's clothes have all gone missing.
Strip Party: One item of muse's clothing disappears every time a specified thing occurs.
Mee Yow: Muse is suddenly some kind of sex kitten.
Pshhh Naw: Muse is now completely drunk.
Pick Your Poison: Muse has to do a specified thing every time their name is said.
Truth Obsession: Muse either cannot lie, or they cannot stop lying.
Dancing On The Ceiling: Muse is somehow unaffected by gravity.
That's Creepy: Muse now looks exactly like a specified person.
No Survivors: Muse is suddenly on a murderous rampage.
Spicy Meatball: Muse breathes fire whenever they open their mouth.
Seadweller: Muse is now aquatic and cannot survive out of water.
400 Blankets: Muse is now freezing cold and can't seem to get warm.
Shouldn't Have Said That: Muse has lost their verbal filter and now blurts whatever comes to mind.
Thirsty: Muse is now a blood-drinker. They don't get fangs or special abilities, but they must now find blood to drink or they will starve. Other food and drink makes them vomit.
Just Not Your Day: A tiny storm cloud follows muse around and rains on them at specified times.
He Has A Point: Muse now has an angel and a demon, which only they can see and hear, perched on their shoulders and offering advice.
----- Interactive M!As -----
Kiss Me Whole: Muse is slowly fading away and will only return to normal when kissed.
Song And A Kiss: Muse loses their voice and will only regain it when kissed.
Don't Make It Creepy: Muse falls asleep and can only be awoken with a kiss.
I'll Owe You: Muse turns into a frog and will only return to normal when kissed.
Gimme Sugar: Muse suddenly wants to kiss anyone who says their name.
C'mere Babe: Muse is suddenly compelled to kiss anyone who sends them an ask.
Very Well: Muse is owned by a specified person and must obey their commands.
Yes Mistress: Muse must submit to any commands given to them.
Come Fairy: Specified person has the ability to bring muse to orgasm by pointing at them.
Makeouts Or Dismemberment: Muse is chained to a specified person for a certain length of time. Include chain leeway/length.
I Feel Strange: Muse swaps personalities with a specified person.
I Look Strange: Muse swaps bodies with a specified person.
Bad Sexy Idea: Muse is now on a quest to make out with the one person they know they shouldn't.
B-Baka: Muse now acts like a bashful, blushing klutz around a specified person.
Ooh Kinky: Muse is suddenly into BDSM and on a mission to get it on with a specified person.
Hey Whatcha Doin: Muse is compelled to follow a specified person around and can't leave them alone.
TMI Warning: Muse is compelled to confess an opinion or feeling they have about anyone they speak to.
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Beautiful Son


Beautiful Son

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Vocaloid + text posts

Part 2

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市蔵 ft. 雪歌ユフ & 白鐘ヒヨリ
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Matryoshka (remix) - itikura ft. Sekka Yufu & Shirakane Hiyori

Original - Hachi

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